Elpida Home

Refugees travel through countries, they see, hear, experience and live mostly on the road.
Elpida Home
The very first touchpoint with any country they encounter, is the the road sign system.
This system is a universal visual language. Simplified yet knows no barriers in communicating directions, intentions, alerts and announcements. Acts like a primal alphabet – an archetype
of a language to convey meanings and to guide through one’s journeys.
Elpida Home

Following this notion, a modular signage system is created, to express all activities
being held in our very homes. From movies, to breakfast and dining,
folding sheets, laughing, enjoying a coffee or even washing clothes and so on.
Elpida Home
Based on the Greek interstate and rural areas road signs, the logo utilises the recognisable font
and the familiar shape of the sign to carry the message: “Though you may travel, here lies a home”. Elpida Home was the facilitator and managing authority of the largest refugee hotspot camp in northern Greece during 2016 – 2017 refugee crisis, funded by Radcliffe foundation of Canada.
The illustrations
A gridded modular system of icons, symbols and objects of everyday living in our home,
form the illustrations of Elpida Home NGO. As a flexible, adaptable and expandable system,
each grid created carries the concept across all media.
Elpida Home
The identity
Describing a camp with home-like environment for families. No bunkbeds and no public restrooms
or baths. ‘Appartments’ for all families with privacy, kitchens, washing machines, communal shops, public movie theatre, infirmaries and other facilities with privacy made the camp looked like home away from theirs.
The identity keeps up with the same notion of this archetypic visual language of signs.
All members of Elpida Home, are identified not only by their title, but an explanatory illustration as well. Applied to their card, t-shirt and door sign; making identification, wayfinding and recognition easier for those not speaking English.

url: https://www.behance.net/gallery/60100827/Elpida-Home