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What a great year, Alhamdulillah

Learn to live

My father had worked at Kompas Gramedia (one of big media in Indonesia) and My Brother worked as Graphic Designer in Architecture Agency, So you can say , I have influenced from My Father and Brother, and actually My Brother had suggested me for learn design in LPKT Gramedia. After 2 years learn design at LPKT Gramedia, i continue learn design at  Faculty of Design University Mercu Buana in West Jakarta.

Get to know the design

Learn design at  Faculty of Design University Mercu Buana in West Jakarta.

It took me a long time to finish my studies, because I went to college while working. But it produced great results, I graduated cum laude and have a lot of experience and friends

Web Designer

Starting my career as a Web designer at a creative agency in Jakarta

UI Designer

After 5 years work as web designer, Now i more focus as UI Designer since it is more general than web designer, same situation but in different implementation. In 2014 with friends of mine we make Parenting App Ortu, submit it at IDEABOX (Startup Event supported by Indosat) and became finalist.

Universities don’t teach us UI design. Most university courses only teach us theory and sometimes teach us how to use design tools like AdobeSuite. I learn more about UI Design from practice, do some work and read some article in medium.com . Also i have to train my eye to see good design and bad design and to identify strengths and weaknesses in designs.

UI Designer & WordPress Expert

I started working as a Consultant to help clients bring their ideas to life and get their brand recognized.

It's great to be able to do something we love


Graduate from the Faculty of Design University Mercu Buana, graduated cum laude (3.6 of 4.0), made me more confident and ready to build and visualize your brand /products into Market


it's about me

With more than 5 years experience , I am adept in concept design, project management and final design implementations. Moreover, while my on-the-job experience has afforded me a well-rounded skill set, i excel at:

In addition to my experience and personal qualities, I have solid educational foundation and a passion for design. I am extremely enthusiastic about trend design and would welcome the opportunity to contribute to you and your clients ongoing business success


visualize ideas

it’s not an easy to do that, but it’s possible with your creativity and right tools